SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System


Accuracy: 0.025 mm

Scanning Rate: 2,600,000 measurements/s

Calibrate to: ISO 17025

Special Feature 1: Large Volume Tracking up to 6m

Special Feature 2: Target-free 3D Scanning (No Markers)

Special Feature 3: Edge Computing

Simple, user-friendly, accurate, and reasonably priced is the scantech 3D scanner.

3D laser scanners have revolutionized how we interact with the physical world, allowing us to capture real-world objects and environments with remarkable precision. These instruments gather data on an object's shape and appearance, providing a digital representation that can be used for a variety of purposes, such as reverse engineering, 3D printing, and analyzing measurements.As an industry leader, we are dedicated to supplying high-quality yet affordable 3D laer scanners to a diverse spectrum of users, from industrial applications to hobbyists. Our diverse product portfolio includes desktop 3D laser scanners, handheld 3D scanner , infrared, and 3D laser scanners, available for users in Malaysia.

SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System , consisting of a portable 3D laser scanner i-Scanner and an optical i-Tracker, SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System is a brand-new generation of Scantech’s optical 3D measurement system for measuring large-scale parts. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System brings optical measurement to a whole new level by offering a tracking distance of up to 6 meters, a volumetric range of 49 m3, and volumetric accuracy of up to 0.049 mm (10.4 m3). 

SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System is Engineered with i-Tracker’s on-board processor for Edge Computing, 25-megapixel industrial cameras, and cutting-edge technologies, the SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System is ideal for measuring large-sized parts or multiple parts at the same time without the hassle of moving trackers frequently.

SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System It supports wired and wireless data transfer to cater to different industrial uses, making scanning even easier. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System It can also work with an auxiliary light module to inspect holes and slots. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System is optimal for efficient and stable measurements to enhance product development, quality control, and more.


1) Ultra-high Pixels for Intricate Details
  • SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System is equipped with a brand-new industrial camera. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System camera features 25 megapixels, which is 5 times that of its previous generation. Thanks to its dynamic adaptive LED algorithm, long-distance depth of field, and strong anti-interference ability, the SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System can automatically acquire clear images in a range as long as 6 meters.

2) Large-volume Measurement
  • SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System Powered by its wide measurement volume and robust edge measurement algorithm, SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System enables one-stop scanning of large-scale parts. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System There is no need for users to move the tracker frequently when measuring large parts, SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System which ensures efficient, smooth, and precise measurements.

3) Edge Computing & Impressive Performance
  • SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System the newly designed i-Tracker has an onboard processor for efficient image processing and data computation, SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System which can deliver coordinates in real-time. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System this innovative Edge Computing saves the computer’s computing power so that it’s more capable of processing the scanned data. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System It optimizes the data and makes it more reliable and stable,SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System  impressing users with outstanding performance.

4) Remarkable Accuracy
  • SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System With powerful hardware and software, TrackScan-Sharp delivers metrology-level and high-precision measurement results. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System This optical 3D tracking system ensures the measurement results meet high metrological demands. Thanks to SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System its large tracking volume, which increased by around 200%, users can measure huge parts without compromising precision.      
Measurement Volume Volumetric Accuracy
10.4m³ 0.049mm
28.6m³ 0.067mm
49.0m³ 0.089mm

5) Innovative Design
  • SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System Made of aerospace-grade carbon fiber in a sphere shape,SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System  the i-Scanner is for heavy use. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System Its ergonomic handle can ensure the long-session use of the 3D scanner without causing much fatigue, which ensure free measurement. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System the i-Tracker has an intuitive light band that shows the operating status in real time. SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System Its hollow grille design helps cameras remain at a stable temperature throughout the scanning process.

Technical Specifications
Type TrackScan-Sharp 49
Scan mode Ultra-fast scanning 21 blue laser crosses
Hyperfine scanning 7 blue parallel laser lines
Deep-hole scanning 1 blue laser line
Accuracy(1) Up to 0.025 mm (0.0009 in)
Measurement rate up to 2,600,000 measurements/s
Scanning area up to 500 mm × 600 mm (19.7 in × 23.6 in)
Laser class ClassⅡ (eye-safe)
Resolution up to 0.020 mm (0.0008 in)
Volumetric accuracy(2) 10.4 m³ (Tracking distance 3.5 m) 0.049 mm (0.0019 in)
28.6 m³ (Tracking distance 5.0 m) 0.067 mm (0.0026 in)
49.0 m³ (Tracking distance 6.0 m) 0.089 mm (0.0035 in)
Tracking Distance per i-Tracker 6000 mm (236.2 in)
Volumetric accuracy (with MSCAN photogrammetry system) 0.044 mm + 0.012 mm/m (>6m)
(0.0017 in + 0.00014 in/ft)
Hole position accuracy 0.050 mm (0.0020 in)
Camera pixels of i-Tracker 25 MP
Stand-off distance 300 mm (11.8 in)
Depth of field 400 mm (15.7 in)
Part size range (recommended) 0.1 m-12 m (3.9 in-472.4 in)
Operating temperature range 0-45 °C (32℉-113℉)
Operating humidity range (non-condensing) 10-90% RH
Interface mode USB 3.0, Network Interface
Certification CE, RoHS, WEEE
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The SCANTECH TrackScan-Sharp 3D System , a product originating from China, is now available for sale in Malaysia through our company, Obsnap Instrument (Penang) Sdn. Bhd

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