Alpha M 6/7 Axis Portable 3D Measuring Arms (PCMM)

The Portable CMM Arm is all about design. Design for high measurement productivity so that other manufacturing processes can continue on time. Portable Robotic arm Design for practicality, allowing users to measure in practically any industrial setting. Portable arm design for flexibility so that you can meet the needs of any metrology task, anyplace. Flexibility is essential to the Portable Arm product line. Flexibility in adjusting the arm's wrist to meet the needs of the application while being comfortable for the operator. Portable Robotic arm flexibility in shifting probes without having to stop and calibrate. The Portable Arm flexibility in displaying measurement results wherever they are needed.The Portable Robotic Arm with its cutting-edge tchnological foundation, the Portable Arm simplifies high-precision portable measurement. Every component was created with stability, usefulness, and practicality in mind.When process changes are most helpful, you can take measurements directly in the industrial environment with portable measuring arms.

Portable Arm (PCMM) Test and Accuracy Verification: In accordance with IEC standards, Portable Arm (PCMM) is subjected to rigorous extreme temperature cycling tests (-20-60 ºC), shock and vibration tests. Portable Arm (PCMM) Rigorous accuracy verification in accordance with ISO10360-12 international standards to ensure accuracy, consistency and reliability of measurements in a variety of environments.

Obsnap Instruments (Penang) Sdn. Bhd. is committed to being an Authorized distributor of PMT brand, striving to enhance our service by mastering calibration, preventive maintenance, and repair skills to better serve PMT users in Malaysia.We have the capability to shorten the service timeframe to 1-2 weeks; however, the lead time is highly contingent on the specific type of service.

PMT Portable Arm ALPHAP 6 AXIS  (PCMM)

  • This Portable Robotic Arm flagship measurement arm is leading the way in portable measurement with its ultra-high precision, inheriting our tradition of providing measurement consistency and reliability in any work environment. Help our  Portable Robotic Arm customers stay ahead of the curve in quality control by providing reliable product performance.

PMT Portable Arm ALPHAP 7 AXIS  (PCMM)

  • Based on a PMT ALPHA 6-Axis portable CMM arm coordinate measuring machine, the ultimate 7-Axis ALPHA P Arm with one additional axis can offer extended range in measurements and scan solution.

PMT Portable Arm (PCMM) Technical Features:

1. PMT Portable Arm (PCMM) Internal Counter Balancing and Perfect Equal Length Arm Design:
  • The  Portable Arm (PCMM) Internal counter balancing feature can provide a comfortable and zero-stress usage. Portable CMM Arm equal length design ensures a seamless measurement performance
2.  PMT Portable Arm (PCMM) Smart Communication Port:
  • The Portable Robotic Arm has accessible with Wi-Fi, USB, etc.
  • The portable Arm network can realize the management and monitoring function for more than one device in every corner of the company
  • Data Sync with more than one device capability makes Portable Arm (PCMM) the ideal solution for larger workpiece measurement
3.  PMT Portable Arm (PCMM) Smart Sensor Technology:
  • Internal temperature sensors can allow the Portable CMM arm to feel and react to thermal variations and compensate for measurement errors
  • Continuously monitor the Portable arm working environment to ensure an optimum measurement performance
  • Each joint is flexible to rotate, with overload sensors to avoid excessive external load
4.  PMT Portable Arm (PCMM) Better Stability Design:
  • The  PMT Portable CMM Arm handle on the base guarantees a force equality
  • Portable CMM Arm has extra-wide joint and impact resistance design give it more rigidity to protect the joints
  • Rugged base and more stable
5.  PMT Portable Arm (PCMM) Optimized Ergonomics:
  • PMT Portable CMM arm is Brand-new and comfortable handle
  • Good weight distribution and prominent improvement of balance ability
  • Portable CMM arm new handle design on the base makes arm travel much easier
6. PMT Portable Arm (PCMM) Other Features:
  • Portable CMM Arm Faster chuck upgrading and installation, no need for assembly ring
  • Completely sealed high-precision optical sensor helps arm works longer and stable even under bad working conditions
  • The Portable CMM Arm has double batteries design promises an extra-long standby time

PMT Portable Arm (PCMM)  Technology Advantage :
  • PMT Portable Arm Internal Counter Balancing
  • Simple structure without maintenance provides comfortable stress-free usage Flexible measurement, extend the arm body to the maximum extent, PMT Portable Robotic Arm all directions can reach the maximum measurement range.
  • PMT Portable Arm Equal Length Arm Design
  • Equal length, no blind area for measurement; portable Robotic arm It’s convenient for detecting to the position near the base to make sure the full measurement range
  • PMT Portable Arm Temperature Compensation System
  • The internal temperature sensor can compensate the measurement error caused by the temperature change of arm length Continuously monitor the usage environment to ensure the best test performance.The portable Robotic arm built-in overload induction warning device can avoid excessive external load.
  • PMT Portable Arm Double High-energy Batteries
  • Large capacity dual battery design, support hot plugging; The portable Robotic arm ultra-long battery life is benefit from the low-energy design to make sure the 16.hours continuous measurement
  • PMT Portable Arm High-speed WiFi Performance
  • Take points quickly and continuously without any lag.Stable and fast connection
  • PMT Portable Arm Intelligent Hidden Handle
  • The portable Robotic arm handle on the base can effectively protect the equipment from damage when extracting the equipment.The hidden design saves installation space.
  • PMT Portable Arm  Other Features
  • Zircon Probe ——the portable Robotic arm more durable and non-breakable for field measurement;
  • Intelligent Probe Indicator Night ——The portable Robotic arm measuring state can be determined by
    identifying the color of the indicator light in noisy environment;
    U-shaped Anti-collision Design ——the portable Robotic arm is small and stable to prevent probe from hitting base;
    New Generation Installation Chucks——Quickly installed and removed by hand
Technical Specification

  • All values represent MPE (Maximum Permissible Error)
  • Contact Measurement (Arm): In accordance with ISO 10360-12
  • Non-Contact Measurement (ScanArm): In accordance with ISO 10360-8
SPAT         : Single Point Articulation Test
EUNI           : Distance Error between two points comparing measured versus nominal values
PSIZE          : Sphere Probing Size Error comparing measured versus nominal values
PFORM        : Sphere Probing Form Error
LDIA            : Sphere Location Diameter Error (Diameter of the spherical zone containing the centers of a sphere measured from multiple orientations)

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