Geomagic Design X 3D Reverse Engineering Software

  • The method of reverse engineering involves dissecting a device, object, or system to reveal its underlying technological principles through an examination of its design, functionality, and operation. The reverse engineering In order to use it for maintenance or to create a new device or programme that performs the same function without using any parts of the original, reverse engineering frequently entails disassembling anything (such as a mechanical device, electrical component, or software programme) and carefully examining how it operates.The idea reverse engineering is to infer design choices from final goods while having little to no extra knowledge of the processes used during initial production.The Reverse Engineering similar techniques are currently under investigation for replacement of inaccurate, lacking, or otherwise unavailable documentation in legacy software systems.
  • Reverse Engineering by using pre-existing physical assemblies and components, reverse engineering creates accurate drawings and computer-aided models. The reverse engineering necessity frequently emerges when a company wants to improve an outside design that already exists, needs CAD data for ongoing production processes, or has inadequate design documentation (CAD and drawings) for internal designs.

Highlights Reverse Engineering : 
  • Direct scanner control : Reverse Engineering Capture data directly inside Geomagic Design X, or work with scan data from any scanner
  • Mesh & Point Cloud procesing : Straightforward, expert handling and refinement of huge mesh and point cloud data sets.
  • Modelling wizards : Reverse Engineering Automated and guided tools to extract geometric features directly from mesh.
  • Seamless data transfer : Reverse Engineering Transfer your data seamlessly with multiple 3D file export options and LiveTransfer of parametric 3D models to your favorite CAD package.
  • Surfacing : Reverse Engineering  Auto and selective surfacing tools for fitting accurate surfaces to your mesh.
  • Real-time analysis : Reverse Engineering Use Accuracy Analyzer - our real-time, patented analysis tool - to directly compare your 3D model to the scan data.

Application Reverse Engineering :
  • Aerospace: Reverse engineering Recreate blades and blisks with dedicated blade geometry tools.
  • Automotive: Reverse engineering Collect assembly data to build replacement components.
  • Healthcare: Reverse engineering Capture patient data to model directly from anatomy.
  • Architecture: Reverse engineering Capture intricate architectural details for restoration.
  • Forensics: Reverse engineering Collect information for root cause analysis in various scenarios, e.g. car crashes, footprints.
  • Civil: Reverse engineering can scan entire rooms or buildings for accurate visualization and documentation.

Reverse engineering opportunities have opened up in Malaysia, and Obsnap Instruments (Penang) Sdn.Bhd. is your go-to partner for all your needs. If you're curious about delving into the world of reverse engineering, don't hesitate to connect with us. We're here to support your exploration every step of the way.

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