Quicksurface Full (Reverse Engineering)

  • The method of reverse engineering involves dissecting a device, object, or system to reveal its underlying technological principles through an examination of its design, functionality, and operation. tHE reverse engineering In order to use it for maintenance or to create a new device or programme that performs the same function without using any parts of the original, reverse engineering frequently entails disassembling anything (such as a mechanical device, electrical component, or software programme) and carefully examining how it operates.The idea reverse engineering is to infer design choices from final goods while having little to no extra knowledge of the processes used during initial production. These similar techniques are currently under investigation for replacement of inaccurate, lacking, or otherwise unavailable documentation in legacy software systems.
  • By using pre-existing physical assemblies and components, reverse engineering creates accurate drawings and computer-aided models. The reverse engineering necessity frequently emerges when a company wants to improve an outside design that already exists, needs CAD data for ongoing production processes, or has inadequate design documentation (CAD and drawings) for internal designs.

Features Reverse Engineering :

1.  Reverse Engineering Scan Data Import 
  • Load data from any scanner using the industry standard STL, OB or PLY mesh files. For long range scanners, the data can be imported using PTX file format. Being a 64 bit application allows the user to load any size mesh. For the purposes of manipulation the build-in polygon reduction function allows the user to create a mesh with suitable number of triangles without compromising the quality of the mesh.

2. Reverse Engineering Interactive selection
  • Simple to use tools to quickly extract areas of interes. Magic wand, brush and free form selection allows the user to identify the areas that represent features or free form surfaces

3. Reverse Engineering Primitives Extraction
  • Reconstruct quickly planes, cylinders, cones and spheres. Create relations between them as peprendicularity, parallelism and coincidence. You can also create a reference geometries like lines and points for use in align mesh to space operation for correctly positioning the object into the world coordinate system

4.  Reverse Engineering Symmetry Plane
  • Find a plane of symmetry of the object. Use the analyser to identify the quality of the position of the plane. Fine tune the position with on-screen controls to achieve the best results.

5.  Reverse Engineering Object Align
  • Position the object into the world coordinate system using the extracted primitives. The interactive definition of the coordinate system allows the user to adjust the correct orientation of the object.

6.  Reverse Engineering 2D Sectioning
  • Interactive sectioning allows the user to extract rerefence points for 2D Sketching. Align the section plane to extracted primitives, CAD faces and even create section interactively on the screen. For the purposes of lofting - the user can also create multiple sections at once.

7.  Reverse Engineering Constrained 2D Sketching
  • Use dimenstions and constraints to create accurate sketches like in any other CAD package

8.  Reverse Engineering 3D Skecthing, Loft, Sweep Surfacing
  • Draw free form curves directly on the reference mesh then create surfaces by standard commands - loft, sweep, pipe. Join the surface or use them in trimming operations.

9.  Reverse Engineering Fit Surface
  • Select area of interest and let the software to approximate the selection with a free form surface. The resulting surface is extended so it is suitable for trimming. The real-time deviation colour map instantly shows the quality of the surface. Automatic option allows the user to create surface as close as possible to the reference mesh.

10.  Reverse Engineering Free Form Modelling
  • Quad surface allows the user to reconstruct free form surface which is not possible with the standard surfacing methods. Reverse Engineering Proprietary snap-to-mesh technology allows even non-professionals to create shapes in no time - something not available in any other solutions.

11. Reverse Engineering Real-tome Deviation Analyser 
  • Speed optimised real-time distance colour map allows the user to keep everything in control and get the most accurate results.

12.  Reverse Engineering Automatic Surfacing
  • Create surface on organic shapes with just hit of a button. No user interaction required. QUICKSURFACE provides you with one of the best automatic surfacing available today. The Reverse Engineering algorithm optimises the number of resulting nurb patches to be minimal. The surface quality is G2 everywhere and G1 at extraordinary points.

13.  Reverse Engineering Hybrid Parametric Modelling
  • Together of being parametric for the standard features, the software allows you to create CAD models as a combination of free form and prismatic features. The Reverse Engineering user can always get back and modify even the free form surfaces if needed and get the results reconstructed.

14.  Reverse Engineering Trimming & Boolean Operations
  • Create surfaces or solids by using mutual trim operation or boolean operations on solids. The Reverse Engineering coloured display and diagnostic tools allow you to identify the issues while performing these operations

15.  Reverse Engineering Fillet & Chamfer
  • The chamfer and fillet operations provide a realtime analyser. Just drag the arrow to define the fillet radius on the screen and see immediatelly the deviation of the fillets against the reference mesh. And all this in real-time

16.  Reverse Engineering Deviation Analyser
  • Control the accuracy of your reconstruction with the efficient distance colour map. Compare the CAD model against the reference mesh at any time of your process.

17.  Reverse Engineering Link to other CAD Packages
  • Export reconstructed surfaces or solid models for use in other packages using the industry standard format STEP or IGES.

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