• Victor Manufacturing, the premier manufacturer and supplier of universal testing machines and tensile test machines, is proud to announce its partnership with Obsnap Penang, extending our reach to serve all of Malaysia. Our cutting-edge devices are meticulously crafted to accurately measure the strength of materials and assess product performance in various industries, including research and quality control departments. With Victor Manufacturing equipment, tests can be conducted on a wide range of materials, from metals and polymers to textiles, rubber, adhesives, and even food items. This collaboration with Obsnap Penang ensures that our high-quality equipment and expert services are readily available to meet the diverse needs of clients across Malaysia.

  • Sometimes referred to as a tensile machine, universal tester, material testing machine, or UTM. UTM is an expert in offering engineering and material testing to ascertain tensile test parameters, including maximum elongation and reduction in particular sample areas, tensile stress, yield strength, breaking strength, and elastic modulus. The term "universal" originates from the fact that UTM is also capable of performing many tests, including peel, shear, compression, and bending
  • Model VEW 2308E Universal Electromechanical Testing Machine is designed and manufactured according to ASTM, ISO, DIN etc standards. It is computer-controlled precision Testing Machine, suitable for wide range of material for tension, compression, Bending and shearing strength test. It has high stability as well as high precision, equipped with PC system & printer for graph, test result display, test control as set program, printing & data processing. Complete with modulus for metal, spring, textile, rubber, plastic and other material testing & creep test. It is widely used in many fields such as industry factories, mineral enterprise and high schools.
  • Product Features :
  • High accuracy servo motor to control test speed.
  • Ball screw no backlash to guarantee the low noise and high driving efficiency.
  • High accuracy load cell to measure the test load.
  • High accuracy photoelectric encoder to measure the displacement.
  • Special testing machine software has strong function, it can show test load,displacement, test speed, test status, and also has the function of peak load holding, peak displacement holding and self return original position.
  • Thousands of test fixture can be used according to different test request.
  • Compact structure with easy operation.
  • Limit switch and setting in the software to guarantee the safety.
  • Load accuracy meets or exceeds Grade 1 ASTM E4, ISO7500-1. EN10002-2, BS1610,DIN51221.
  • Encoder over 2000pulse/turn to guarantee the accurate displacement, the encoder is installed with the ball screw, and the ball screw to drive it turning directly.
  • Speed can be set between 0.01-500mm/min by computer, and the excellent servo motor can support the high speed, and the speed can be extended by special offer.
  • Robust compact structure guarantees the stiffness of the machine, and the servo motor drives the no backlash ball screw to do test.
  • Capacity : 50N/ 100N/ 200N/ 500N/ 1kN/ 2kN/ 3kN /5kN /10kN
    Load Accuracy :   ≤ ± 0.5% 
    Load Range : 0.4% – 100%
    Load resolution :   1/300000
    Test Speed :  0.01 – 500mm/min
     Speed Accuracy : ± 0.5%
    Displacement Resolution :  0.01mm
    Crosshead Movement : 800mm
    Strain Measurement Accuracy :  ± 0.5% of reading down to 1/50 of full scale with ASTM E 83 class B or ISO 9513 class 0.5 extensometer.
    Extensometer Accuracy : ± 0.5%
    Extensometer Resolution :  0.001mm
    Tensile Space :  600mm
    Compression Space : 600mm
     Dimension (L x W x H) :  650 x 450 x 1300mm
    Weight : 120kg
     Power Supply : 220V, 0.5kW, Single Phase 
    Safety :  10% Overload Protection, Adjustable Limit Switch
    Load Unit : N, kN, kgf, lb, Ton, etc

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