VIP 134T Leak Tester

VIP 134T Leak Tester 
  • Introducing the Leak Tester, your ultimate solution for ensuring product integrity. Essential for industries needing airtight components, it offers high sensitivity detection, a user-friendly interface, versatile testing modes, and a robust build. Enhance quality control, ensure compliance, and increase efficiency with its customizable settings and comprehensive data logging. Compact and reliable, it integrates seamlessly into any production line or lab. Supplied by Obsnap Penang to all Malaysia, equip your process with the Leak Tester for flawless products every time.
  • What is Leak Tester ?
  • A leak tester is a vital tool for detecting and measuring leaks in sealed components and systems. It ensures product integrity by identifying even the smallest leaks, helping to maintain quality standards, reduce waste, and prevent potential hazards.
  • used for the airproof checking of packages, containers, bags, pipes that are used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, daily chemical, cosmetic and electronic industries, etc. It complies with ASTM D3078 and GB/T 15171 standards and could be modified to ASTM F 2054 Bubble Test
  • A test sample is placed into vacuum chamber with water and the air above water level is evacuated by a venturi vacuum ejector. Thus a pressure difference is made between chamber and sample inside. If there is leak, the bubble will escape from high pressure sample and be observed in water.
  • It could also work for sample with liquid and methylene blue test
  • Leak Tester Standards :
  • ASTM D3078, GB/T 15171, ASTM F 2054
  • Leak Tester Product Features :
  • PLC control unit inside and HMI touch screen operation.
  • Digital vacuum degree and test time input and whole automatic test process.
  • Parameters and test data (failure and non failure) automatic saving
  • Automatic vacuum maintenance and back flushing
  • Cast type PMMA vacuum chamber, better for food and pharmaceutical testing
  • We offer different chamber sizes
  • Compressed air to convert to vacuum and no vacuum pump required
  • Easy operation and maintenance
  • Optional PC software control and operation

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