Temperature and Humidity Chamber

Temperature and Humidity Chamber
  • Introducing the Temperature and Humidity Chamber: a vital tool for testing product performance in varying environments. Supplied by Obsnap Penang in Malaysia, it's essential for industries like electronics and pharmaceuticals. With customizable settings, ensure products meet quality standards.
  • MERIDIAN Temperature and Humidity Chamber is important for testing of heating endurance, cold endurance, dry endurance and wet endurance test on various materials for electronic, electrical, automotive parts, metals, plastics, building materials, medical, earospace indutries, chemical and etc for quality control. The result of testing is similar to the natural environment and can be done in a very short duration.
  • By this testing, we able to discover and improve more reliable and robust product. MERIDIAN high low alternating temperature humidity test chamber can give you perfect solution. It able provides a wide range of temperature from -70°C to 150°C with excellent temperature uniformity.
  • Temperature and Humidity Chamber Complies to national and international standards: IEC 60068-2-1-1990, IEC 60068-2-2-1974, IEC60068-2-30-2005
Features of the Chamber
Constructional Features :
  • The whole chamber is solid and beautiful
  • Temperature and Humidity Chamber Internal material: High grade stainless steel plate SUS304. No rust formation, robust construction with elegant design chamber.
  • Good durability exterior construction color coated steel plate exterior or stainless steel exterior. Good joining on internal structures and external structures chamber. No humidity penetration
  • Good Thermal insulation material:No thermal loss, resulting in energy saving and low cost of operation
  • Two stainless steel shelves with adjustable support rails
  • Imported parts like temperature controller, compressor, breaker, motors I chamber, overload relay, thermal overload relay and etc. are imported

User Friendly Design

Viewing window automatically prevents       
  • Come with viewing window, vacuum tempered glass within transparent electric heat membrane to help keep condensation and frost clear. Provides great visibility into the chamber
  • Chamber light built into the window for easy viewing without glare

chamber Water tank for easy water supply
  • Maintenance can be done easily from the front side
  • A center window is provided to check the amount of water remaining easily

Cable Test hole standard diameter chamber (with plug) 50mm or 100mm
  • Diameter: 25mm, 150mm (optional)

Heavy duty casters for easy movement of chamber

Gauze wet bulb sensor

Easy to use Control System and Software

Superior Programmable Controller Model: TEMI880/TEMI990 is color touch screem made from Korea. With '2 in 1' function- Controller and Recorder function where the reading can be recorded and save. Displaying graphical programming patterns of both temperature and humidity that enable straight forward visual assessment of the response curves.

Improved programming and data collection via computer (Optional)
Standard USB port allow transfer of data to PC by Thum-drive for further analysis and management through software Data can be opened as a list excel spreadsheet or graph pattern, and can be used to check historical data 

  • Direct distance link for support and maintenance from our manufacturer through internet connection function (optional monitoring link)

Most Efficient Safety Control System
  • Refrigeration system: compressor over heat protection, compressor over-current protection, compressor over-pressure protection, condenser fan over-heat protection, compressor lubricant oil low level
  • Test Chamber: Chamber over heat protection; fan and motor over heat protection, water level protection
  • Current leakage protection
  • Alarm, buzzer will alert user if error occurs
  • Indicator LED shown when malfunction occurred
  • If trouble occurs, the details, date and time of occurrence are displayed on the alarm screen
  • Door opening alarm (optional)

Cooling system is driven Compressor complete with evaporator, condenser, safety valves, and thermal protections. Rapid cooling with low noise, low vibration. Refrigerant used: R23, R404, R507 (ozone friendly refrigerant).

Working principle of refrigeration system

Heating by Nichrome Eletronic Heater
Heating system by Nichrome electronic heater, controlled by solid state relay, protected by over temperature switches
  • Thermocouple probe, fast response to temperature in range of -70°C to 150°C
  • Heating control by PLC controller/programmer based on PID feedback principle. Fast and precise control of temperature.

Air circulation system
Good ventilation system driven by low noise, powerful multi-wing turbine fan. Quick response to temperature changes, rapid cooling and maintains temperature uniformity and stability inside the chamber.

Optional Capabilities
Chamber installed with infrared lamp

For specific customer application, especially for automotive indusrty that produce interior car compartments. When car under hot sun, solar radiation in the form of UV light, easily aborbed by interior surfaces of car such as dashboard, and thereby raising the temperature. The hot surface can radiate heat energy into the vehicle interior as infrared radiaiton.
Electronic Humidity Sensor
Electronic Humidity sensor is used on all test chambers for accuracy and minimal maintenace.

We deliver custom-made chambers
We will meet your demands to design chamber with good performance according to customer standard and other special requirements.

Technical Specification of Chamber:
Models MRD THD-100  MRD THD-150 MRD THD-225  MRD THD-408 MRD THD-500 MRD THD-800 MRD THD-1000
Internal dimension D*W*H(mm) 400*500*500 500*500*600 500*600*750 600*800*850  700*800*900 800*1000*1000 1000*1000*1000
External dimension D*W*H(mm) 950*930*1620 1050*1070*1720  1050*1070*1870 1150*1430*1970 1130*1290*2020 1350*1430*2120  1500*1430*2120
Technical Data Temperature Range Type B: -20°C ~ 150°C
Type C: -40°C ~ 150°C
Type D: -60°C ~ 150°C
Type E: -70°C ~ 150°C
Temperature uniformity  ±2.0°C
Temperature deviation 0.2°C
Temperature fluctuation  ±0.5°C
Humidity range 25% ~ 98%
Humidity uniformity ±2%RH
Humidity fluctuation ±2%RH
Heating rate 2 ~ 3°C / min It can be made according to customers requirements
Cooling rate 0.7 ~ 1°C / min It can be made according to customers requirements
Standard configuration Current leakage protection, Water shortage protector, over-heat protector, quick action fuse, compressor over-pressure protector
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