Shore Durometer - TIME5410

Shore Durometer - TIME5410
  • Introducing the TIME5410 Hardness Tester Shore Durometer, a precise and durable tool designed for professionals in industries such as plastics, rubbers, and textiles, supplied by OBSNAP Penang to all of Malaysia. This durometer delivers accurate measurements, ranging from 0 to 100 Shore A, with an impressive accuracy of ±1 Shore Unit and a resolution of 0.5 Shore Unit. Its easy-to-read display and portable design make it ideal for on-site testing, ensuring reliable results for quality control and material testing purposes. Crafted with high-quality materials and powered by a 9V battery, the Hardness Tester TIME5410 Hardness Tester Shore Durometer is a versatile and essential instrument for assessing material hardness in a wide range of applications.

  • The Hardness Tester TIME5410 digital Shore D hardness tester is a state-of-the-art instrument designed for precise hardness testing of hard rubber, plastics, and similar materials. Its advanced technology ensures accurate measurement, making it an essential tool for industries requiring precise hardness testing. The Hardness Tester TIME5410 is not only known for its precision but also for its user-friendly design, making it easy to operate even for those with limited technical knowledge. Its compact and portable nature adds to its appeal, allowing for convenient testing in various settings. The attractive appearance of the Hardness Tester TIME5410 further enhances its appeal, making it a desirable addition to any workspace. Upgrade your hardness testing capabilities with the Hardness Tester TIME5410 and experience the difference in performance and accuracy.
Hardness tester Features : 
  • Pocketsize model with integrated probe
  • Standards : DIN 53505, ASTM D 2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215
  • RS232 data output
  • Operating stand optional
  • Bright & clear LCD display
  • 300 hours continuous use with standard batteries
  • Automatically switch off
  • Battery low indication and alarm
Hardness tester Technical Specification :
Property Value
Test scale available Shore D
Standards DIN53505, ASTMD2240, ISO 7619, JIS K7215
Display Hardness result, Average value, Max. value(Peak value lock), Battery indication
Data output RS232
Measuring range 0-100HD
Measurement deviation Within 20~90 HD, error≤±1HD
Display resolution 0.2 unit
Operating temperature 0~40 ℃
Power requirements 3×1.55V (SR44) Button batteries or 4.5V AC/DC adapter (old)
Built in 3.7V rechargeable battery (new)
Battery life 300 Hours
Dimensions 173mm× 56mm×42mm

Hardness Tester Standard Delivery :
  • Main unit
  • Button batteries 1.5V
  • Test block with HLD value
  • TIME certificate
  • Instruction manual
  • Warranty card

Hardness Tester Optional Accessories :
  • RS232 connecting cable
  • Operation stand TIME5410FJ
  • TIME5410 4.5V AC/DC power adapter

Hardness tester Industry application 
a)  Plastic industry:

TIME5410 can test the hardness of thermoplastic, nylon, hard resin, organic glass and so on.
b)  Hard rubber:

TIME5410 is suitable for testing hard rubbers.
c)  Others:
TIME5410 can also test the hardness of antiseptic materials, fireproofing materials, paint and so on.
TIME5410 is always used as a teaching and scientific research instrument, it is a good instrument to analyze rubber, plastic material and do experiment research.

We provide 12-month warranty on the main unit.

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